Policy & Campaigns

Policy & Campaigns

Timber NSW Policy Priorities

With its state and federal counterparts, Timber NSW seeks:

1. Plan for a renewable future: recognition of the environmental and socio-economic value of a vibrant timber and forest products industry.

2. Carbon economy: a better regulatory environment and program of direct action to recognise carbon sequestration in multiple use production forests and wood products through payments for carbon storage.

3. Renewable energy: policy settings which support a market for the use of biomass as a source of renewable energy, alongside wind and solar energy.

4. Tenure-neutral: legislative reform to create a single public land management agency in New South Wales, focused on overarching management of our public native forests.

5. Building resource security: capital investment in forestry infrastructure, new softwood plantations and fewer restrictions on access to regrowth forests to ensure sustainable timber supply.

6. Investment environment: facilitation of investment comparable to other countries via reducing sovereign risk, transparent planning and investment incentives.

7. Infrastructure & R&D: better infrastructure, skills promotion and increased funding of R&D in sustainable forest industries.


In addition to the above broad policy priorities, Timber NSW is actively advocating on the following specific issues: