Membership of Timber NSW


In 1906 the Association of Country Saw Millers, formally established an organisation to serve the domestic NSW sawmilling industry in a wide range of matters. During its 114-year history, the Association has assumed a varying role, depending on the prevailing economic and political climate of the day. It changed its name to NSW Forest Products Association in 1980 and in October 2014 the name was changed to Timber NSW to reflect the broader interests in timber. The organisation retains its trading name of NSW Forest Products Association.

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Timber NSW promotes the profitable and environmentally sound utilisation of NSW forest resources. Membership is open to any company or individual that is engaged in the primary or secondary processing of timber or provides consulting or ancillary services to those sectors.

Membership is offered on an annual basis from 1 July to 30 June.

Associate Membership is available to companies or individuals who provide services to the timber industry in New South Wales. Associate membership gives your business exposure to many sawmills, forestry consultants, and harvest and haulage operators. Timber NSW can offer a chance to promote your business amongst the membership and an opportunity to expand your customer base. Event, research, and website sponsorship opportunities are also available.
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Full Membership of Timber NSW is available to any company involved in the harvesting, haulage, sawmilling or further processing of timber in New South Wales.
The Association seeks to achieve for the industry that which an individual company in isolation cannot, specifically by:

  • Facilitating the ability of the industry to speak with one voice on issues affecting its viability and future
  • Acquiring and disseminating relevant information to members to ensure current, widespread knowledge of
    developments and events
  • Providing expert and informed advice to government and its agencies to assist in policy making and
    resolution of conflict
  • Lobbying politically on the industry’s behalf
  • Mediating between individual members and government and its various agencies
  • Promoting the value of the timber industry within the community
  • Assisting members in the development of new and profitable markets and the promotion of their products.

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For further information on membership of Timber NSW please contact the Timber NSW office on (02) 9279 2344.